Kate’s Training Log – 22.7.19

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My training has had a shift over the last month, and now is largely centred around building volume in the legs. Redbull Defiance is just over a month away – a two day adventure race of running, riding & paddling. Increasing time & kilometres in the legs is obviously a huge part of training now, yet the importance of strength training for running & riding should never be overlooked, so STR sessions are not to be missed. Running has become a much bigger part of my training, however I’m still being careful of doing too much – especially given that I ran very little prior to entering RD. Incorporating some longer bike sessions on tired legs has been really helpful to continue heavy training loads yet avoid injury. 

TUESDAY 23.7.19

98 STR

3x 8 heavy kettlebell swings (fast, explosive and deliberate) @ 40kgs

5x 3 back squats @ 90% – 70, 80, 90, 95, 100kgs + max towel pull ups after each set (6-8)

3x 10 single arm kettlebell front squats – 20kgs (10 each side 😳)

Then a 15 minute AMRAP (I got through four and a half rounds)
10 x weighted Cossack squat – 12kgs (10 each side… again)
10 x push ups
30m weighted lunge walk – 2x 16kgs

Then Chris got the ball rolling with this Concept2 workout, so naturally we all had to have a go.

Concept 2 Erg WOD
For Time
300 calorie BikeErg
200 calorie SkiErg 
100 calorie BikeErg

⏱32.00 including changeovers & screen set up

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