98 Podcast Episode 20 – Michael Puhle

Michael Puhle’s career path reads like a typical early-adopter ‘millennial’, having had four career changes before the age of thirty. Most recently, Michael pursued a career in law with a focus on courtroom advocacy, the specific part he enjoyed – being trained in persuasion, rhetoric and emotive speech.

In 2011 tragedy struck Michael’s family, having lost his father and his sister in the same year Michael found himself in a prolonged period of turmoil. Tragedy causes one to review life from a fresh perspective. Michael realised that life is too short to pursue a path we are half-hearted about. He realised that talent and money are not the only factors in deciding one’s life’s direction.

People must also, do what they love to do.

Now, after studying a Masters in Psychology of Coaching Michael helps highly functioning professionals (Executives, Entrepreneurs, Lawyers, Bankers, Traders, etc), who want to:

  • live passionately through what they do,
  • create more time for their families & partners, and
  • do the work that actually moves the needle on their careers.
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